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Criminal Investigations Division

Criminal Investigations Division

The Investigative Division of the Lynn Haven Police Department is made up of sworn officers who are committed to solving cases by using the latest technological advances coupled with good old fashion leg work. Cases can be solved by gathering evidence left at the scene, or by developing evidence through leads. Evidence left at the scene of a crime can be as small as DNA, as revealing as a shoe impression left on a floor, or as inconspicuous as a fingerprint. Investigators have a virtual "tackle box" of resources available and have dedicated themselves to "solving the case". This is accomplished by the recovery of evidence, interviewing of suspects, and arrest of perpetrators.

This division is responsible for the investigation of cases assigned to them, which may be either a person or a property crime. They also investigate leads and tips received through concerned citizens and the Crime Stoppers Tip line. Investigators receive training in areas such as, Hostage Negotiations, Interview Techniques, and Evidence Identification. Because of their training they may be called upon for specialized assignments such as providing security for visiting Dignitaries, or helping other agencies with similar assignments. They can be called upon to work closely with a network of area Investigators to help each other solve cases which results in property being recovered and perpetrators being caught.

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Lynn Haven Police Department normal hours are Monday thru Friday 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  

Any questions contact the Investigations Supervisor at (850) 265-1112 or Contact the Investigations Supervisor via EMail.


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