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Patrol Division

Police Vehicle at Porter Park


The Patrol Division of the Lynn Haven Police Department is made up of uniformed men and women who have taken an oath to both serve and protect the citizens of our great community. These officers provide a variety of services utilizing the Community Oriented Police concept. This concept brings law enforcement and the citizens in touch with each other, while continuing to maintain the highest level of professionalism possible.

The services offered range from unlocking a vehicle to watching your residence or business while your away. In addition they are the initial contact to victims of crimes, they compile information for reports, initialize investigations into what happened, and are sometimes required to referee disputes. They are called upon to make split second decisions based upon their training and experience. They respond to medical emergencies to stabilize and comfort patients until the arrival of medical personnel. They are the first line of defense during a threat, and are the security after the threat has been resolved.

These officers patrol the streets and alleyways of Lynn Haven 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They may patrol in marked vehicles, unmarked vehicles, bicycles, or on foot. Whatever the means they are here to serve and protect.

Any questions contact the Lynn Haven Police Department at (850) 265-4111 or email LHPD Patrol Division Supervisor Lieutenant Blalock


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