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City Of Lynn Haven To Complete A Final Citywide Hurricane Debris Pickup

Thursday, April 25, 2019


The Lynn Haven City Commission passed on Tuesday, April 23rd to do a final citywide hurricane debris pickup for all remaining residential debris. Citizens will have until May 5th to put their personal debris on the right of way. The City is asking all residents to separate their debris (vegetative, home items such as furniture, and C&D debris that are not produced by a contractor) on the right of way and out of ditches and the roadway.  Demolished homes cannot be placed on the right of ways regardless if they are demolished by the homeowner or the contractor. On May 6th, haulers will start their final pickups from the farthest points of the city limits and work inward street by street.   They will work from the west side of Lynn Haven (Maryland Avenue) and from the east side (Hilltop Road). The City will post daily maps showing the progress of the haulers.  The City will monitor each street to ensure once a street is cleared, that no other debris will be placed out to help prevent and recognize illegal dumping. Once a street is cleared, no additional trucks will be doing pickups and any remaining debris on their property will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Any homeowner who misses this deadline of May 5th will be able to apply for the PPDR program for further assistance. Questions on this program can be answered by the PPDR team at 850-704-5768 or  Application are available on the City of Lynn Haven website.

Final Debris Removal flyer

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