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Hwy 390 Commercial Incentive Program Award

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hwy 390 Commercial Incentive Program

Congratulations to Brock Lawn & Pest Control for finding a new business home here in Lynn Haven! 

The widening of Hwy 390 forced Tim Brock to relocate his business.  He was able to find a new location for his business at 600 Ohio Ave.  

The CRA offers a program designed to support businesses, that are directly affected by the widening of Hwy 390.  Lynn Haven CRA will pay a pre-determined amount to the business if the owner relocates his/her business within the area of the Lynn Haven CRA.  Last Tuesday, Brock Lawn & Pest Control received its check from the CRA Board for a successfully completed move of their business. 

If you would like additional information regarding this program or other CRA programs please contact the CRA Director, Ben Janke, at 850-265-2121 or via email at  

Brock Check Presentation

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