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Lynn Haven Clearing Right of Ways By Zone

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The City is working diligently to clean the sides of the road and right of ways from the remnants of Hurricane Michael.  The City has started the process in Zone 1 as shown in the attached map.  Remember, we are raking the sides of the road, cleaning out the ditches/right of ways from debris, reshaping right of ways/ditches, and seeding to stabilize.  This will be the first time all the right of ways in the City have had attention at once.  All of this work is being done by the City employees.  The City will be releasing a contract to get some assistance in this project in the near future.  Our intent is to finish before the rains come and hopefully prevent flooding due to the debris.  The map of the city is broken up into 12 zones much like the road clearing and the final push.  The zones are numbered differently based on the priority of right of ways.  As we clean a zone, we will continue updating and posting this map for your convenience.  Remember, if you still have debris it is your responsibility to dispose of it.  The City stopped final placement of debris on the sides of the road February 17th.  After this time, the City did request if you had any other normal debris from cleaning your yard, that you please do not place it on the right-of-way.  It will not be picked up.  We are utilizing our City trucks and manpower for this final manicure cleaning of the City.  We appreciate your patience and understanding. 



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