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Note of Thanks During Hurricane Michael Recovery

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the City of Lynn Haven has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our citizens, as well as, beginning a return to normalcy by getting roads open and services running again.  The City continues to make progress in these projects and we ask you to check our Facebook page for updates.

The City administration and staff would like to extend our sincere thanks to several entities who have helped us in this ongoing process.  With their assistance and resources, we have been able to make great progress in our effort to help the Citizens of Lynn Haven and move from a disaster to a recovery.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has provided numerous Deputies to assist with manpower in addition to a mobile command center.  This was provided within days of the Hurricane and was the initial form of communication we were able to utilize.

The Louisiana Bureau of Investigations has provided our Police Department with a mobile command center to base operations out of as our Police Department building was severely damaged during the Hurricane. 

Sprint Cellular for establishing a satellite connection to allow our Police Department internet and other communications.

Verizon wireless has provided the City with a Mobile Command center, support equipment, and on site staff to assist with the highly technical command center.  This resource has proven critical for the City to operate our Incident Command Center out of as City Hall is currently damaged and unable to be occupied by staff. 

The St. John’s and St. Augustine Sheriff’s Offices for sending Deputies to assist our Police department. 

The Southerland family for offering their property for the City to use as an impromptu Incident Command post, not to mention, untold hours of labor offered by the Southerland families and friends performing all manner of duties from cooking to coordinating and storing supplies brought to the command center. 

Leitz Office Products for office supplies.

AT&T Wireless for providing several cellular phones for staff to use.

The Bay County EOC, Bay County Information Technology, and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office for offering assistance in various forms.

This is not an exhaustive list as there have been numerous other Law Enforcement Agencies, Forestry Departments, Cajun Navy, countless Citizens, and so many more answering the call and stepping up to help.

We would like to emphasize that every resource cited here has been offered to the City of Lynn Haven without cost to the City.  These resources were mobilized within hours after the Hurricane and have been streaming in consistently.  We believe this is a testament to the true spirit of community that crosses all borders across our great Nation.


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