Lynn Haven Florida

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2017 Fall Basketball

Lynn Haven Baseball/Softball
Common Rules

• All players must be registered with the City of Lynn Haven
• If a player plays without being registered the game will be a forfeit. If the coach knowingly plays an illegal player they may be suspended from the league
• Players cannot change teams without the Recreation Department’s approval
• Every player must play in every game
• Teams may play with 8 players and take one out, 7 players with two outs. Must have 7 players to play the game
• Any player missing a scheduled league practice or game because he or she is playing for another team will not be eligible for all-stars
• Home team will be official score book
• Home team will sit on 3rd base side
• Coaches must stay in the dugout
• No buckets or stools on the field or coaches box
• Four coaches allowed per team
• All coaches MUST have an up to date back ground check done by the league
• No coolers in the park
• No tobacco of any kind inside ball field fence or dug outs
• Clean dug outs before leaving
• Coaches are responsible for their players and fans
• Free substitution but batting order cannot change• No Profanity





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