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Help Us Stop Utility Theft

Help Us Stop Utility Theft


Utility theft may seem inconsequential to those who choose to be dishonest and steal service, however, utility theft can jeopardize the safety of the city’s water supply.


Under Florida Statute 812.14(2)(a) “a person may not willfully alter, tamper with, damage, or knowingly allow damage to a meter, meter seal, pipe, conduit, wire, line, cable, transformer, amplifier, or other apparatus or device belonging to a utility line service in such a manner as to cause loss or damage or to prevent any meter installed for registering electricity, gas, or water from registering the quantity which otherwise would pass through the same.” Furthermore, it is unlawful to “use or receive the direct benefit from the use of a utility knowing, or under circumstances that would induce a reasonable person to believe, that the direct benefits have resulted from any tampering with, altering of, or injury to any connection, wire, conductor, meter, pipe, conduit, line, cable, transformer amplifier, or other apparatus or device owned, operated, or controlled by such utility, for the purpose of avoiding payment.” 812.14(2)(h), Fla. Stat. (2017).


Our goal is to enforce the Florida Statute on utility theft and work with the State Attorney’s Office to prosecute those who steal service. As citizens of Lynn Haven, you all can take an active role in helping us prevent utility theft by reporting anyone you suspect of illegally receiving utility service.


Please contact the Lynn Haven Police Department at 850-265-4111 to report.

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