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Take Me Home Online Registration

Take Me Home is a program created to help the loved ones of anyone who is at a higher risk of wandering away at some point. This includes individuals with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autism, Mental disabilities, and Runaways.

Our goal is to have information about your loved one readily available to Law Enforcement should we ever need it. When someone goes missing, even for a short period, it can be very stressful. Basic Questions that Law Enforcement Officials need to have answered to better search for your loved ones can be hard to answer when you are worried. Every Minute Counts when someone you love is on the line. The information also works to help us identify those who may not be able to identify themselves properly and helps us return them home safely.

By registering your loved one in the Take Me Home Program you are protecting them by preparing for the possible future. It only takes a few minutes to fill out our descriptive form online and send us a picture of your family member or dear friend. Go to to the Police Department Programs section to find out more and to complete your information form!

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