Application for Business License

City of Lynn Haven City Code Chapter 113 Ordinance number 583 requires that all business, professionals, independent contractors, and individuals who accept compensation for goods or services obtain a City of Lynn Haven business tax certificate. Please note all independent contractors required their own business tax certificate.

City Code

For the purpose of this article any person holding himself out to the public at a given location by sign, printed matter, classified section, or city directory, or otherwise as being engaged in business, or as offering services or property to the public, regardless of whether such person actually transacts any business or practices a profession, shall be considered as engaging in business and shall be liable for an occupation license therefore. (Code 1962, 13-3, Ordinance Number 583, 1(13-3), August 22, 1995)

Processing & Fees

Business tax fees vary and are determined by the type of business engaged in. If you begin or advertise a business activity before obtaining the required City of Lynn Haven business tax certificate, you are subject to a 25% penalty. It takes seven to ten business days to process an application and business tax certificates expire September 30th of each year. To avoid late charges, renew the business tax certificate before September 30th of each year.

Review Process

To ensure that the business is legal and the location is safe for public use, the following six-step review process is conducted before issuing of the local business tax receipt:

If a home is used as the business address, an inspection may be required depending on the business activity. If you rent your home or apartment, or live in a condominium, approval from the owner/landlord or condominium association is required. You must state that they are aware of the proposed business use and that it is acceptable.

These regulations are outlined by Florida State Statute 205 and the City of Lynn Haven Ordinance Chapter 13.