Lynn Haven's Strategic Vision

Mission Statement:

"Progressively enriching our community’s quality of life by providing consistent and transparent customer service to our residents."

  1. About the Plan
  2. Goals 2020
  3. Goals 2021
  4. Goals 2022-2025
  5. Goals 2026-2027

The Strategic Vision Plan is an outline for the City of Lynn Haven’s future. The city’s focus is to enrich and ensure the community’s quality of life by pursuing these goals on behalf of the residents and working diligently together to make them a reality.

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is the overarching guide for the City of Lynn Haven’s future growth and development. It guides decisions on rezoning and land use as well as related transportation, housing, economic development, and other quality of life issues by establishing goals, priorities, and action items for Lynn Haven’s future. It is a long-range plan of the city’s potential. Comprehensive plans are overseen by the City Manager’s Office. The plan will be updated continuously.


The Comprehensive Plan update is being led by the internal leadership team (department heads). The driving influence on the plan’s update is input from community members and direction provided by the public and commission.


Stepping back to revisit and update the city’s overall strategy for our future growth and development is essential to facilitating a high quality of life for the people of Lynn Haven. It helps us to protect critical resources, prioritize future spending, plan for infrastructure improvements, coordinate across departments, and ensure policies are in place to help all individuals, businesses, and organizations thrive. The Comprehensive Plan update also provides the opportunity to integrate other related planning efforts into one cohesive growth and development plan for the future. The city will review its plans every five years and update its plans every 10 years.


The best plans result from thoughtful input from a wide range of community stakeholders.  Residents, employees, business owners, community leaders, nonprofits, students, visitors, city staff, are encouraged to participate. The planning team will listen, ask questions, facilitate dialogues, and provide professional guidance throughout the process, ultimately crafting a plan based on public input. Once the plan is finally adopted, this plan will be available to the public or years to come.

The current City of Lynn Haven Strategic Plan is broken into goals for each department throughout the following years:

- 2020

- 2021

- 2022 through 2025

- 2026 through 2027

The full plan outline can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Lynn Haven's Strategic Plan (PDF)

Progress Being Made:

Garden Club Re-opening

Garden Club reopening

Cain Griffin Ball Parks Re-opening

Cain Griffin Re-Opening (JPG)

Paving Projects

Senior Activity Club Re-opening

SAC Building

Disc Golf

Disc Golf

New Events

Food Truck Friday