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October 7, 2021 3:03 PM


Panama City, Fla.— With the significant amount of rain in our area recently, the Florida Department of Health in Bay County (DOH-Bay) reminds everyone to do their part in preventing mosquito breeding and mosquito-borne illness. All Florida residents and visitors are asked to Drain and Cover to help keep our families and neighbors safe; it only takes a bottle cap of water for some mosquitoes to breed and multiply.
“In the 72 hours some parts of Bay County have gotten in excess of four inches of rain which has left numerous potential mosquito breeding habitats. Please follow these simple preventive measures to minimize these habitats and prevent mosquito-borne illness”, said Sandon S. Speedling, MHS, CPM, CPH, Administrator and Health Officer DOH-Bay.
Using the right insect repellent and other preventive actions can discourage mosquitoes from landing on you. Follow these Drain and Cover tips to help prevent mosquito bites.
Drain water from outside areas to reduce the number of places mosquitoes can lay their eggs and breed.
• Drain water from garbage cans, house gutters, buckets, pool covers, coolers, toys, flowerpots, or any other containers where sprinkler or rainwater has collected.
• Discard old tires, bottles, pots, broken appliances and other items not being used.
• Empty and clean birdbaths and pets’ water bowls at least twice a week.
• Protect boats and vehicles from rain with tarps that do not accumulate water.
• Maintain swimming pools in good condition and chlorinated. Empty plastic swimming pools when not in use.
Download these infographics for more information: Mosquitoes- Keep Them Outside and Stop Them From Breeding and Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes.
Cover with protective clothing while outdoors and keep doors and windows closed to prevent mosquitoes from going indoors.
• Wear shoes, socks, long pants and long sleeves while outside when and where mosquitoes are most prevalent to discourage mosquitoes from biting.

• Apply insect repellent that contains DEET (10-30%), picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, para-menthane-diol, 2-undecanone or IR3535.
• Treat clothing and gear with products containing 0.5%. Do not apply permethrin directly to skin. Some sports clothing and gear come pretreated with permethrin.
• Use mosquito netting to protect children younger than 2 months old.
• Check and repair screens on doors and windows. Keep them closed and use air conditioning when possible.
• Make sure window screens are in good repair to reduce the chance of mosquitoes indoors.
Download the Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida infographic.
For more information on mosquito-borne illness prevention, visit our website.
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