What are the reasons a permit may be denied?
  • The permit application is incomplete; a complete application is one that provides all the information or items required by this article regardless of the sufficiency of the information or item;  
  • The final permit application as presented is deficient and the applicant refused to correct the deficiencies within a reasonable time; 
  • The application fee has not been paid; 
  • The proposed event is unlawful;  
  • The application contains a material falsehood or misrepresentation; 
  • It reasonably appears that the proposed event will present a danger to the public safety or health;  
  • The proposed event is of such a nature or duration that it cannot be reasonably accommodated in the particular venue applied for;  
  • The applicant has refused to attend or participate in good faith in a pre-permit meeting requested by the City Manager following reasonable notice and scheduling attempts by the City Manager and failed to propose reasonable alternatives.  

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