Fire & Life Safety Checklist for New Businesses

New State Law

This new law applies to new and existing businesses. Additional information is provided through the Fire and Safety Checklist (PDF) and the Building Notice Requirements (PDF).

General Information

The fire inspector enforces applicable provisions of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Codes and Standards, Florida Fire Prevention Code, and the City of Lynn Haven Municipal Code of Ordinances as it relates to life safety enforcement for the public. The inspector conducts annual fire inspections on all commercial and residential occupancies equal to three units and greater as mandated by law. The fire inspector is a state certified firefighter and fire safety inspector.

Common Types of Fire & Life Safety Violations

Every business owner should be aware of possible violations that can endanger people anywhere a large number of people gather. The following are basic items that should be addressed immediately to ensure public safety:

  • Exceeding the occupant load (too many people inside of a building).
  • Fire alarm systems that are either damaged (not working) or disabled.
  • Fire exits and stairs that are blocked, locked, or otherwise not able to be easily opened.
  • Improper storage or use of any flammable liquid or flammable gases.
  • Use of open flames (such as candles) without proper permits.

Any of these problems should be considered serious and need to be corrected immediately.

Schedule an Inspection

To schedule fire inspections at your new or existing business, please email the Lynn Haven Building Department or call 850-248-0634.