The Bay Real Time Operation Center, or BAYROC, is a collaborative effort by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, the Panama City Police Department, the Panama City Beach Police Department, the Lynn Haven Police Department, the Springfield Police Department, the Parker Police Department, and the Bay District Schools Police Department. 

The goal of BAYROC is to provide relevant, real-time information directly to law enforcement in the field. BAYROC uses the FUSUS integrated system combining school, traffic, and business cameras to assist responding law enforcement and solve crimes - sometimes within hours. The same technology is also used to quickly locate missing and endangered adults and children.

These officers, engaging in high-risk calls for service, now have the added resources in real-time to improve response and situational awareness, giving them enhanced decision making in the field. These technological resources allow law enforcement response to be more efficient and deliberate, with improved operational intelligence. This ensures an emphasis on officer, citizen, and community safety.

Citizens of Bay County can support the efforts of law enforcement by registering to provide video captured by their home camera systems if law enforcement believes it may contain valuable information to solve a crime. Business owners can also register their cameras to provide live camera access. This is different from what private citizens provide, which is only given upon request and at the private citizen’s discretion.  By registering your camera, it does NOT mean law enforcement can access what your camera sees at any random time unknown to you. The FUSUS system serves to increase community security while maintaining personal privacy. It just provides a faster way for law enforcement to ask you for specific footage, instead of going door to door, which is what happens now. All of which means a faster way to catch the bad guys! For more information and/or to register, click on this link: .