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Extra Patrol (House Watch) Request

  1. Although the Lynn Haven Police Department routinely patrols all areas of the City, citizens may request short-term (not to exceed 14 days) extra or specified patrols for their residence or neighborhood streets. There are multiple reasons for these requests for patrol including suspicious activity, recent crimes occurring, or a resident may request an Officer to check on their home while they are on vacation or away for another reason. Business owners in the City of Lynn Haven can also request a short-term (not to exceed 30 days) extra or specific patrols for their businesses. Reasons for these business patrol requests could be the recent termination of a disgruntled employee, a business being closed for a short period of time, crime trends relating to the business, or in case of a situation where a business's alarm system is down or malfunctioning. There are no guarantees for how much time Officers will be able to spend conducting these extra patrols because call volume and calls for service take priority. This service is for homes, property, or businesses that are located in the City of Lynn Haven only. Extra Patrols are not intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for a home security or professional alarm system.  We urge all residents to take the appropriate steps to make your homes safe and secure. To make a request for patrol, complete the form below and submit it. Submissions made through this portal are not monitored outside of business hours. To report Criminal or Suspicious Activity, please call the Department’s non-emergency line at (850) 265-4111, for emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

  2. For immediate contact or questions regarding house checks please contact the Lynn Haven Police Department at 850-265-4111.

    Notice: Florida has a broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials are public records that will be disclosed to the public and the media upon request. Email communications may be subject to public disclosure.
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