• How do I get an update on a dog or cat that I dropped off at this shelter? 

 Please call (850) 265-4699 during scheduled business hours to speak with staff for an update. If you call and leave a voicemail, please provide any pertinent details, such as the Animal ID number from your paperwork and the name of the person who dropped off the dog or cat. 

  • What can a neighbor do about a barking dog? 

Prior to contacting Animal Control: If possible, we recommend speaking to the animal’s owner first before contacting our office. You may also want to speak to other nearby neighbors and see if they have the same complaint as you do and are willing to join you in filing a complaint. We advise you to keep a written log so that you can document the times and the duration of the barking, any contact you may have with the owner before contacting animal control, etc. 

  • What can be done about stray dogs or cats coming onto my property? 

Within the city limits of Lynn Haven and during normal business hours, you can call Animal Control at (850) 265-4699 to report the stray. Please be ready to accurately describe the animal in question (color, markings, size, etc.) and the last known location or direction the animal was heading. This information helps our officers as they seek to locate the stray animal as quickly as possible.