Stormwater Permit Program

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed regulations that now require Lynn Haven, and many other cities, to more aggressively prevent storm water pollution and control runoff to improve water quality. The Public Works Department manages the state storm water permit that requires Lynn Haven to:

  • Provide information to residents and businesses on how they can reduce storm water runoff and pollution
  • Seek public input on storm water management planning
  • Map the entire storm water system
  • Detect and eliminate prohibited discharges to the storm water system
  • Control erosion and sediment on construction sites of one or more acres
  • Construct drainage systems to control the quantity and quality of storm water runoff
  • Protect wetlands and other sensitive waters during new development or redevelopment
  • Prepare, update and enforce storm water ordinances
  • Lead by example by reducing pollutant runoff from the city's operations

These storm water permit requirements must be met in order for Lynn Haven to legally discharge storm water to the bays, bayous and streams.

The Problem

When rain travels over buildings, streets, parking lots and other impervious surfaces, it cannot soak into the ground. Instead, this storm water collects sediment, garbage and chemicals that are carried directly into our lakes, streams, and bays without treatment. Polluted storm water can harm aquatic plants and animals and people.

Things You Can Do to Help

  • Controlling soil erosion from construction
  • Creating new green spaces and waterfront landscapes that can enhance property values
  • Finding and eliminating illegal discharges
  • Pick up after your animals
  • Preserving natural drainage systems such as streams and vegetative buffers
  • Recycling used oil
  • Report illegal discharges: phone number is 850-265-5989 or you can email Public Works
  • Yard waste collecting and composting
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