Non Ad-Valorem FAQ's

FAQ’s- Stormwater Non-Ad Valorem Assessment

Why a Stormwater Assessment?

The City of Lynn Haven’s Stormwater Department is responsible for maintaining and improving the City’s stormwater system and for meeting the city’s obligation to protect and improve our natural waterways. Stormwater is one of four enterprise funds in Municipal Government. Each fund, including stormwater, should be self-sufficient to meet the infrastructure needs, upgrades and maintenance for the city’s stormwater system and department. Stormwater is the only fund that has never been fully funded. Stormwater has been dependent upon water, sewer, and sanitation funds, causing these department to lack in infrastructure repairs and upgrades for the city.

What is a non-ad valorem assessment and why are you using this method to collect the fee?

A non-ad valorem assessment is a fee or other charge billed via the property tax bill but is not based on a property’s value like ad-valorem taxes. Non-ad valorem assessments are subject to the same benefits, payment deadlines, and penalties as ad valorem taxes.

Non- ad valorem assessments are included in the total amount due shown on your property tax bill; you may not elect to pay only your property taxes and not your non-ad valorem assessments.

Who is charged the stormwater non ad valorem?

Property owners in City of Lynn Haven city limits, to include residential, commercial, and vacant land

What method was used to determine each property’s assessment?

The assessment is based on the total amount of impervious area on your property. A typical residence would include the home, patios, walkways, front porches, back porches, pole barns, raised homes on stilts, and driveways.

Vacant Fee (per 3,900 sq ft of vacant land)- $40.54 per 3,900 sq ft. Convert the number of acres into square feet and multiply by 40.54 to get your total. Convert acres to square feet (

Non-Single-Family Fee (per 3,900 sq ft of impervious)- $139.78

Single Family Tier 1 (400-2,900 sq ft of impervious)- includes residence, driveway, patios, and walkways- $71.29.

Single Family Tier 2 (2,901 sq ft and greater of impervious)- includes residence, driveway, patios, and walkways- $139.78.

Why do you use impervious area to determine the stormwater non-ad valorem assessment?

Developed property generates more stormwater runoff with a greater number of pollutants than land in its natural state. The amount of stormwater fee charged to a property correlate directly to the impervious area on that property thereby ensuring that the fees are charged fairly and equitably.